In The Space: Watching My Girlfriend three

The title — from Digital Sins’ arousing “In the Room” series — pretty a lot says it all, as dudes (we never ever see/hear them, as they’re supposedly behind the camera “watching” as they) get off becoming voyeurs (like us!) whilst their young (either 21- or 22-yrprevious), luscious on-screen girlfriends get their tonsils and twats banged out by male buddies. Slightly kinky, not-also-crazy stuff, made all the far more arousing thanks to the X-pert route and horny-female-talent-selections by directors Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Powell.

We get started with attractive redheaded Vanna Bardot (21, from Denver) receiving down with the veteran vine connected to Ramon Nomar, in fairly the steamy opener, certainly. Ramon, the family buddy, starts by giving Vanna an oil massage, leading to some sizzling cocksucking and pussy/ass worship, followed by pounding missionary (Vanna’s received a killer bod!), doggie (I like how she shakes and functions that scrumptious ass!), cowgirl (ditto in terms of butt-function a la Vanna), ending with some hammering reverse-cowgirl (verify out that bodacious Bardot figure, from head to toe!) and slamming missionary (really slammin’!), just before Nomar’s Ram-boner unleashes ramrod spurt all above Vanna’s “pretty tiny face” (Vanna’s personal phrases, right after her mug is bathed in sperm). Great!

Lyra Lockhart (21, from California) is 1 of those young chicks who looks like she lives appropriate down the street or hallway (if you reside in an apartment) just a normalseeking brunette babe (and I enjoy it!) receiving it on with her boyfriend’s bud, played by Jason Moody, who really gives it to attractive tiny Lyra. She’s this kind of a juicy factor (with fab tits and ass which you wanna just gobble up!), very first enjoying a serious face-fucking, then digging receiving choked for the duration of missionary and reverse-cowgirl, whilst relishing a wee bit o’ spanking for the duration of cowgirl (shot, at 1 point, like doggie), just before Jace busts knob nutrients all above Lyra’s sweet (but far from innocent!) woman-down-the-hallway face — and (don’t wanna fail to remember those) exceptional tits. Enjoy this chick!

Jessy Jones is the following lucky bastard who gets to pork his greatest friend’s girlfriend, in the foxy kind of way voluptuous Kiarra Kai (22) such as a deep blowjob (with Kiarra’s eyes hornily rolling into the back of her skull), ball-bursting doggie (a correct movie highlight itself, with that round, shiny best rump on Kai in full see Kai also enjoying a great spanking), spirited reverse-cowgirl (giving us a great see of her tiny but scrumptiousseeking boobies), remarkable cowgirl (Kai’s large-but-not-alsolarge ultra-marshmallowy butt seeming to have a mind all its personal), jackhammering missionary (Kai looks to shed it right here, as she feverishly rubs her clit), with Jones pulling out and blasting Jess juice all above that nicely shaped pussy. Whew!

Lastly, Dana Wolf, 21, is a decisionseeking porn specimen, who gets it on with her boyfriend’s roommate, played by Cody Steele (with her male partner’s approval, of course) terrific moments such as a loud, gnarly bj from Dana equally loud doggie, as Cody’s groin smacks towards Dana-derriere, and we (thankfully!) get it twice lots of great eye speak to from those intense liquid Wolf eyes, such as the final pop shot into her awaiting tongue and dynamic cowgirl, as Code really spears her with all he’s received, passionately slapping that tight ass now and again. Yes!

All in all, “Watching My Girlfriend 3” is an exceptional in-and-out entry that’s fantastic for newbie couples (nothing also above the leading) and hardcore followers (just 1 attractive slut right after one more get powerfully probed), with all of the appealing young girls carrying out swimmingly. Well worth checking out.

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