Swallowed.com Vol. 37

9 ladies, 6 scenes, 1 gnarly blowjob following one more … all from the marvelously twisted mind of Mike Adriano, with the most memorable of this super salacious sextet o’ sucking becoming 3 standout saliva-enriched sirens: namely, Adira Allure in her deranged suck-off o’ Oliver Flynn’s extremely lucky pricky (with some aid from tall brunette Bella Rolland) the lovely Aria Lee shucking down Mikey-meat and cute, delicious Natalie Porkman (here teamed up with underrated Leah Lee) gagging on Logan-website link. Wow! But, hey, all 6 scenes kick butt — or rip tonsils, I ought to say. Zoe Bloom, for 1, is just so quite, it is difficult to think she’s, truly, in porn. Thankfully she is! And she attacks Adriano dick like a maniac, acquiring tons of saliva all in excess of the point … and on her tits … and on the camera. Yeah!

But with the Adira Allure you get 1 totally filthy encounter, certainly, with some considerably-appreciated whorish aid from brunette Bella Rolland, as they hungrily descent on Oliver Flynn’s raging difficult-on. To commence with, Adira loves rimming Bella — and vice versa. But viewing both mouths concurrently go up and down the shaft of Ollie’s cocky is so, so horny. Then Adira just keeps gagging and gagging and gagging on that point (incredible), even though Bella rims Flynn’s backside. Then they switch positions. But, gotta admit, Adira is tops in terms of both sucking and rimming. Such a marvelous nympho! Really like her! Often intensely passionate … and creating inhuman quantities of spit! But wait till you see them both execute upside-down blowjobs, choking and hacking on cock, as Ollie goes back and forth ‘tween their throats their personal spit surrealistically cocooning their faces. Outstanding! Each girls, of course, share Ollie-spunk, eventually slurping it all down till it is gone. “Don’t we look like two pleased minor sluts?” Bella asks Flynn.

Blonde Bella Jane (so cute!) is teamed up with Gia Derza (we’ve witnessed this fox before), acquiring gagged by means of Louie Smalls throbbing dick — following, that is, they suck every single other’s anus and pussy — with both youthful sluts performing a magnificent occupation o’ swallowing Smalls’ sax and rimming Louie-backside, as effectively as acquiring their throats separately dick-dunked even though they are upside-down. Extreme.

Subsequent, exotic-looking spinner Aria Lee presents one more film highlight, as this lovely brunette will get the Swallowed.com remedy from Adriano himself this elegance, just like Zoe Bloom, looking merely too, too quite for porn but she eats guy-ass, makes unearthly sounds (my preferred portion of her scene) even though deepthroating, and will get saliva everywhere! And it is so amazing seeing such an innocent-looking, youthful, ever-smiling pixie take squirt following squirt of sperm into her gullet. Really like ya, Aria!

Huge-boobed/big-bottomed black babe Julia Kay goes bonkers on Alex Jones’ Johnson and, yes, it is way arousing but we end with one more outrageous double-dick assault with Leah Lee and the romantically named/totally luscious/uniquely quite Natalie Porkman — she’s the 1 with the brief hair, 1 of my faves, and nevertheless one more of absolute highlight in this gonzo! — sucking off the extremely fortuitous Logan Long in 1 of the most volcanic scenes in the film. Following the ladies rim every single other, they gag on cock, eat Logan farts, and eventually get the nasty, dramatic, in-yer-face upside-down remedy from Logan-log with Nat always becoming delightful to watch in action, as she regularly smiles, her eyes consistently looking intent and curious, even though she also exudes tons of energy and sluttiness (enjoy her dirty speak as she watches/directs Leah’s rimming of Logan’s backside — “Yeah,” she purrs with wicked smile as she fascinatingly divides her crazed stares among the camera and the action, “that appears so hot” — following which she oh so happily does the very same), with both darling strumpets eventually cum-swapping numerous instances, before delightedly gulping down Logan enjoy-liquid.

Once again, every single of these superb youthful girls is incredible in their oral performances, with highest points/hardest dicks going to the attractive, ever-filthy Adira Allure, Aria Lee and Natalie Porkman. The best of the best!

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